Custom Ear Molds Provide Superior Protection and Comfort

Audiologists agree: protecting your hearing should play a more important role in your day-to-day life. Music devices played at high volume, sporting events, concerts, noisy workplace environments and hunting can all pose serious risk to your hearing health. Approximately 26 million adults have suffered permanent damage to their hearing as a result of excessive noise […] Read More →

Eat Well for Healthy Hearing

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you are what you eat.” While that may not be entirely true, the foods you consume can have a positive effect on your hearing. Studies indicate foods rich in certain nutrients can help boost your hearing. In some cases, they may even help prevent or delay hearing loss. Omega-3 fatty […] Read More →

Recent Research Findings Prove Link Between Hearing Loss & Cognitive Health

Several recent studies reveal a clear link between hearing loss and dementia. While cognitive disorders were once believed to be primarily linked to the natural aging process, new research shows other factors – including hearing loss – significantly affect cognitive health. Recent studies have also proven a correlation between the severity of hearing loss and […] Read More →