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A chat with a friend over coffee. A quick call to check in with the kids. An intimate dinner out with a loved one.

At Advanced Hearing Solutions, we know that the simple connections you make every day contribute enormously to your quality of life. When you have hearing loss, missed conversation in noisy environments, such as at restaurants, and difficulty hearing on cell phones or watching TV can make you feel distant from friends and family and disconnected from modern life.

We can help you hear what you’ve been missing—and we can help to preserve and protect your remaining hearing. Our on-site ENT physician and audiologist will listen to your needs, assess your hearing and make a diagnosis and recommendation for surgical, medical or amplification solutions if needed. From your initial assessment to surgery or fittings to follow-up appointments, every step is managed in our office by our hearing healthcare team.

With the many exciting and affordable advances in hearing treatment and instruments, there is no reason why you should miss out on the important connections in your life.

Audiology & Hearing Aids

When you have hearing loss, you can feel distant from friends and family and disconnected from modern life.

Hearing Health Services

Our office offers medical, surgical and technological solutions.

Surgical Treatment Solutions

Cochlear™ Baha®
The first system based on direct bone conduction.

Custom Earmolds

If you’re tired of your regular mp3 earbuds falling out of your ears or hurting your ears, custom-fit plugs will provide you with a comfortable alternative.