Implantable Devices in Rancho Bernardo

Hearing aids are a boon to millions of Americans with hearing loss. But as well as they perform, they do have their limitations. They won’t work for all types of hearing loss so for some individuals, Implantable devices might be the key to improved communication.

What are Implantable Hearing Devices?

Bone anchored hearing devices are surgically implantable systems used to treat hearing loss through bone conduction of sound vibrations. They differ from standard hearing aids, which enhance and clarify acoustic sounds that enter the ear canal. 

How do Implantable Devices Work?

Implantable Device Hearing Aids in Rancho Bernardo & SDThese implantable hearing devices bypass damaged portions of the hearing system by sending sound vibrations directly to the inner ear through the skull bone. The biggest benefit of bone-anchored hearing devices is that they bypass the outer and middle ear structures, helpful when problems in these areas prevent sound waves and signals from reaching the inner ear along the typical acoustic pathway.

Bone anchored hearing devices transmit sound vibrations through an external abutment to the titanium implant, which naturally fuses, or “ossifies,” with the skull bone over time. The skull bone acts as a conductor, transmitting these sound vibrations to the inner ear, where the nerve fibers responsible for hearing are stimulated.

This treatment is especially useful for patients with conductive hearing loss and single-sided deafness.

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