Custom Ear Molds Provide Superior Protection and Comfort

Audiologists agree: protecting your hearing should play a more important role in your day-to-day life. Music devices played at high volume, sporting events, concerts, noisy workplace environments and hunting can all pose serious risk to your hearing health. Approximately 26 million adults have suffered permanent damage to their hearing as a result of excessive noise exposure. Custom ear molds provide a simple, inexpensive and effective solution.

Everybody’s ears are uniquely shaped. Because of this, one-size-fits-all headphones, hearing devices and earplugs don’t always function the way they should. Inexpensive ear molds provide a custom fitted solution that benefits industrial workers, musicians, law enforcement officers, pilots, dentists, military personnel and hunters. They can be used for ear buds, hearing devices, cell phone and Bluetooth accessories, motor sports and swimmers.

Custom ear molds can be crafted from acrylic, soft vinyl, silicone and polyethylene. After an impression is made, a replica of your ear shape is sent to the manufacturer, who will create the custom mold based on your ear shape. Aesthetics, comfort, acoustics and a superior seal all contribute to maintaining your healthy listening lifestyle.